Time to be grateful


Launching my own blog hasn't been easy on me. I thought about it many years ago, but for some reason I didn't go through with it. First I wanted to share only recipes from animated movies, then I thought about opening a Youtube channel. Two years ago, I gave it up because I was afraid I couldn't just, do it. 


Eventually, about a year ago when I created a personnal website with my (now) husband for our wedding, I realised how many opportunities it gave us to create something together and share things with people we love. We just needed to have the content we wanted to share and BOOM! The idea of Just like So came in :)



However, as I wasn't alone in this, I cannot start blogging without thanking some people who helped me through the creating process of Just like So:




Joseph aka Rano Design (freelance illustrator / graphic design) aka my husband
He truly is the one who kept on motivating me to do this. Even though we didn't always agree on design ideas, he knew I had the last word and dealt with it. He listened, taught me how Wix works and even created my logo ! Thank you Nam!



Naomi aka Naomikado (freelance illustrator) aka my cousin-in-law
She knew for many years I wanted to create my own blog. She's been the one to show me recipes from animated movies and other cute stuff. We share a lot in common in terms of culinary tastes, so she understands completely my will to share it with you! When I asked her if she wanted to do an avatar for my blog, she didn't think twice ! So here it is: thank you Naomi !





Alexandra & Ariasy (travel planner et neuropsychologist) aka my bridesmaids
They 100% are going to say "Uh ? Why us ?" Well for starters they helped me finding a name - though it wasn't Just like So aha !  Plus they both launched their personnal and professional activities, which motivated me too ! Thanks babes !!


Tsiky, Gilles & Julien aka my buyers
Well yeah! because launching a proper blog isn't free of charge, I would also like to thank those three guys for offering me my first year in the blogging world on Wix. Hope your expectations aren't too high ;)




Finally, all of you people who encouraged or keep on encouraging me to write, share and go on with it !







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