What's up with that ?


Why would you launch a blog in 2018 when we are literally already invaved by online content, photos, memes, vlogs etc... ? Why calling it "Just like So" ? What about this or that ?


Well first of all, the idea of creating this blog isn't something I planned yesterday. It was as a matter of fact a very long process between: do I really want to do that ? Do I have enough content to share ? Of course I like sharing stuff, pictures and experiences but I also love talking to and meeting people from all around the world. So after years of procrastinating, I finally told to myself: why not now ?




“just like so” : english equivalent for“comme-ci” or "comme ça"in French.
I just added the capital S as it's part of my actual name :)





Just like So will be focused on three main topics:


#1 Food

No surprises there: I think with my stomach! I just don't eat to survive, I kind of eat for a living. For those who I've been following me for quite a long time, I used to name one of my Facebook albums "Eat for a living"! However, when you eventually realise that you have more than 150 pictures of dishes online, it all becomes suddenly creepy. So what do you do ? You delete everything and create something more aesthetic that might actually make people want to eat something with you !







#2 Travel

We all have our plans for the future, whether it's for a future house, scholarship fees, brand-new car, etc... Anyone is entitled to have its own personnel projects and I respect that. As for me, I like to know that I'm going somewhere. So everytime I come back from a holiday break, first question that comes to my mind is: where am I going to go next? Though the answer is not always answered right away and I most of the time have to be patient, I always have many destinations in mind. 








#3 People

The more you travel, the more you meet people from different horizons, ways of living, cultures and backgrounds. That's what I aim at while travelling. However, you don't need to travel everywhere to discover new people ; there are also people around you who you've known for many years and who you can actually share many many things with!


Hoping I would be able to show you guys in a much sexier way than Facebook did ;)







So stay tuned until then ;)







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