2018: the big year !


Some might say: "2017 was already a great deal for you guys: you got married twice, she celebrated her 30th birthday, etc.."

However, it seems 2018 is already cooking some good stuff for us ! 


For those who might have not followed our love story from the beginning, Jo & I were not entirely supposed to meet back in 2011, when instead of moving to Paris, he was supposed to study abroad. It seemed that life decided: not today ! or should I say: not this year ! 


One of the first things we had in common was the fact that we both wanted to live abroad: my international business academic path + his will to become an illustrator somewhere where he could be recognized for his talents (aka: not in France) = the ideal recipe for a couple who had overseas' dreams. 


So this is not a whim. It is something that we worked on for several months now. It is my pleasure to announce you that, by the end of 2018, we will be moving to Montréal, Canada !






 In fact, last year Jo received his Working Holiday Visa (#WHV) which allows him to work and travel to Canada. I will explain every details in a next post what this implies exactly.




First reactions be like: 


#1 Ok but what about the cold out there?

Well, well... Canada is INDEED a country where it is cold half of the year. However (coma), if European people are always doubtful about the cold weather there, it's simply because We. Are. Not. Equipped. Here. You don't go out of the blue somewhere where you know the weather can reach -40°C without a proper puffer jacket or some good waterproof snow boots. Worry not, we will buy everything we need there !






#2 Aaaaw! Canadian people are SO nice you'll see !

I'll see that when I get there ^^ #NoExpectations



#3 Awesome ! So when are you leaving ?

We've decided to leave France around autumn this year. We've chosen this period for two main reasons:

- we need to save $CAN to move in

- we cannot wait for the autumn leaves during september/october which will lead to the most beautiful walks. 







So here we are 2018 ! Until then, we travel, we eat and keep praying so we stay wise in our decisions making !


See ya :)



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