Allo Montreal! Ep. 1: Trudeau airport



Let’s hear about our first week in Canada in mini series ;)


I see some of you coming at me like “but didn’t you tell us that you were going to leave for Canada in October last year?”. Well, change of plans ! Some stuff happened along the way, so we took the decision to leave later on.

After saying goodbye to our families and friends, here we are in Canada for only God knows how long :)



# Bonjour Madame, Au revoir Madame.

Once we landed and informed our family, we got to the immigration area of Montreal Trudeau airport. No more physical agents or green paper to fill in the airplane to declare your stuff. Everything is electronic and numerical. Technology at its best !





Next step for Jo: the validation of his immigration papers, including:

  • his introduction letter

  • his insurance card and confirmation including 2 years of covering.

  • his proof of funds provided by our bank from less than 7 days

  • his Airbnb confirmation email with his first postal address






Everything was printed in two, for both of us just in case. For my profile was not sorted out for the WHV, therefore I only had a tourist visa. As soon as the security agent found out I had nothing to do in the immigration queue with Jo, he politely but expressly told me to get out of the way.

“Bonjour Madame (checking my passport and declaration). Au revoir Madame”
Well… Bye !







# The moment of truth

So the wait started. Me, myself and our three suitcases downstairs. Clueless about what was going on upstairs between Jo and the immigration desk. Their encounter was essential though: it would determine how long Jo’s temporary work permit was going to last. It could be 6 months. It could be 24 months. Let’s not forget that Jo was also waiting ! And he was in a more stressful situation than me, though he knew he had God on his side. No matter what the outcome was going to be, he was already thankful for his work permit he’d been waiting for so many years.

The atmosphere seemed tense in the area though. Lots of migrants were not prepared, even scolded at for irregularities in their application. For others, just a few words exchanged and good to go !

50 minutes of wait.

What can you do at these moments? When you are not in control of the situation ? Well for believers like us, you pray, and pray… and pray. And it gets better :)


After those 50 minutes of wait, it’s finally his turn ! The immigration agent asks for his letter of introduction and his insurance card. Only few checkings on his passport and then “You’re good for two years !”And that’s how he is now allowed to visit and work for any Canadian company :) The RELIEF I felt when I saw him going downstairs ! It was unreal but we are sooo thankful !


Next step, we were hopped in a cab towards our Airbnb appartment for the first two months here in the Rosemont district


To be continued ;)







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