From the Working Holiday Visa to Permanent Residency: the provincial step (QSC)


Hiii everyone! Yeees, I know, it's been a while ! It goes without saying that this period of pandemic did encourage many of us to share, write or discuss. For us, life as a couple certainly improved, was full of surprises and topics of praise!


Each year, we are amazed at the plans God puts in our way, but why are we amazed in the first place? (wow deep)


Anyways! This time allowed me to prepare a little overview on our immigration procedures in Quebec. You are already aware of our status as temporary workers, and from the start, way before our arrival in 2019, we talked about settling permanently in Montreal, Quebec.


First of all

This post does not give all the solutions to immigrate permanently neither to Quebec, nor to Canada.

It is especially intended for those who want to have a follow-up of our procedures, as foreign temporary workers and married couple in the Québec province.


I N  T H E O R Y


To apply for a Permanent Residency when you are already in the province, as a temporary worker, take those two steps into account:

  • the Provincial Government request, via the Quebec Selection Certificate (QSC)

  • the Federal Government request, to obtain the Permanent Residency Visa, valid for 5 years & renewable








The QSC can be requested under the following programs:

  • The Regular Skilled Worker Program (via Arrima)

  • The Quebec Experience Program (QEP) - for graduates + temporary foreign workers

  • The Investor Program (temporarily suspended)

  • The Entrepreneur Program  (specific period of time + limited to 60 candidates)

  • The Self-Employed Worker Program

Source: Minister of Immigration



In our case, we have chosen the Quebec Experience Program as temporary foreign workers.


The conditions for obtaining the QSC and the documents we will need to provide are:

  • Intend to settle in Quebec to take up employment;

  • Have stayed temporarily in Québec for the main purpose of working there and have respected the conditions of our stay;

  • Be legally in Québec as temporary foreign workers, as part of a youth exchange program (in our case, Working Holiday Visa)

  • Have been employed full-time for at least 12 of the 24 months preceding the submission of our application and still hold that same job at the time of our application (it's the case for Jo)

  • Demonstrate knowledge of spoken French at the intermediate or advanced level (1)

  • Commit to provide for our essential needs for at least three months

  • Be at least 18 years old and hold a valid passport.

  • Obtain, by the prescribed deadline, an attestation (for the both of us) of learning about democratic values and the Quebec values


(1) Certificate of success in the oral comprehension recognized test in French or Certificate of 3 years full-time secondary or post secondary studies in French.

(2) This attestation can be obtained by attending the information session "Objectif Integration" or by passing a test of oral comprehension of French language, recognized by the Quebec government 




I N  P R A C T I C E


STEP 0 = Put everything in God's hands through prayers


STEP 1 = Gather all the missing documents:

  • UPDATE: Jo has signed up to a French language test by the end of June !

  • Certification of conformity of his degrees (via the French Consulate in Montreal)

STEP 2 = Online QSC request + postal shipping

  • Pay required fees: $ 812 for Jo, $ 174 for So

  • Fill out the permanent selection request form (workers' component)

  • Send everything duly completed and signed with all the documents requested from the Quebec Immigration Department

STEP 3 = Online test of the values or the "Objectif Intégration" session for the both of us
STEP 3 and a half = if in the meantime our WHV expires, apply for a visa extension


STEP 4 = QSC ready-for-visa-application confirmation






W H A T ' S  N E X T ?


Next big step (once the QSC confirmation = OK): the request to the federal government! It can take 22 months ++ to be processed.


In the meantime, it is clearly possible that our WHVs will both expire. (Jo: January 2021 / So: August 2021).In order to be able to cover the processing period of our Permanent Residency request, we will need to request a work permit extension. It's a whole different story!


What are the steps to continue working in Quebec before the expiration of our current visas? What are the conditions for the PR request? What documents are required? at what costs ? etc...


We will try to give you all these answers related to our own experience, in a future post!


Until then, take care ;)

So & Jo



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